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Ultra Premium Nutritional Supplement for Anti-Aging from the Anti-Aging Health Group

About Vidagenix – Ultra Premium Supplements

A balanced diet and regular exercise are the keys to good health and long life. But even the best of diets can fall short. Use of high quality nutritional supplements ensures your body gets an adequate amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that support a healthy lifestyle.

When we exercise our body’s needs for vitamins, minerals and amino acids increase. To replenish depleted stores try the Vidagenix line of ultra premium nutritional supplements.

With formulations derived from the latest science-based research, Vidagenix products are made to strict standards at a pharmacy and designed to enhance total health and well being.

Vidagenix Dietary Supplement - for Heart and Hormone Health and Anti-Aging Health from the Anti-Aging Medical Group Anti-Aging VidaHeart Dietary Supplement for Men & Women's Heart Health from The Anti-Aging Health Group

Vidagenix’s formulations are unique not only because of the combination of ultra premium ingredients, but also due to what is left out. Added preservatives, gluten, lactose, sugar and other fillers are not on the ingredient list.

Because many vitamins oxidize and lose their potency over time, we offer a custom approach to nutritional supplements that ensures the consumer receives the freshest, stable and most potent line of nutritional supplements available.

The entire Vidagenix line is made at an actual pharmacy in the USA, not your average processing plant where most mass produced nutritional supplements are made.

The Vidagenix pharmacy is approved by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB). This ensures that you, the consumer, will be receiving the best nutritional supplements available that meet highest levels of quality standards.

With quality and safety standards like these, you must make Vidagenix your supplement of choice.

The Vidagenix Advantage:

  • Powder formulation for optimal absorption and uptake
  • Customized blend is formulated especially for your needs
  • Ultra premium multivitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • Formulated by physicians and made at a PCAB pharmacy
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified
  • Made in small batches to ensure freshness
  • No unnecessary additives and fillers used
  • Made in the USA

For additional information, and to order, please call 1-800-973-1016.


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