Growth Hormone Therapy

What is Growth Hormone Therapy? Growth Hormone Therapy is the delivery of HGH and other hormones to patients who have a deficiency due to various conditions. Most patients who qualify for growth hormone therapy are older adults. This is natural since the levels of growth hormone occurring in the body decreases with age. These therapies are administered by licensed physicians who specialize in growth hormone therapy and other hormone treatment options.

Understanding Growth Hormone Deficiency: In children, growth during early childhood and puberty is governing by growth hormone. In children, a deficiency can cause serious growth issues possibly resulting in even more serious health conditions. Without the proper level of Growth Hormone the body cannot regenerate itself and heal properly after injury or illness. In older adults, this means that the body cannot heal properly if they should fall ill or get hurt.

The Cost of Growth Hormone Treatment: Growth Hormone deficiencies can be treated with hormone replacement therapy. There is only one option when discussing replacement therapy. This option is to receive injections of synthetic growth hormone on a scheduled basis as determined by your doctor.

Finding a Growth Hormone Therapy Doctor or Clinic: There are many clinics which specialize in growth hormone therapy. These clinics are required to have a licensed MD on staff in order to provide prescriptions. When choosing a hormone therapy clinic, be sure to validate they have a medical advisory board overseeing their practice. Many hormone replacement clinics only sell vitamins or supplements and don’t have a board certified doctor on staff. The Anti Aging Group is one of the leaders in this growing field. Our patients have seen great results and so can you.

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