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Testosterone Injections

Testosterone injections are the most effective treatment option when starting testosterone replacement for low testosterone symptoms in men.

There are many androgen (testosterone) treatment preparations like testosterone gel Androgel® and Testim®, testosterone creams, testosterone pills like Andriol®, testosterone pellets like Testopel® and  testosterone patches like Androderm® and Testoderm®.

Testosterone shots are the most effective form of delivering testosterone to a man's body.

Testosterone Injections; A Superior Form of Treatment

For treating hypogonadism, also known as men's menopause or Low Ttestosterone injections, IM (intramuscular) and testosterone pellet implants seem to be the most effective.

Some testosterone treatment alternatives have poor absorption and side effects. The goal of testosterone replacement therapy is to deliver sufficient and stable levels of testosterone, and to alleviate the symptoms caused by androgen deficiency.

Testosterone Shots Increase Absorption and Effectiveness

Many testosterone formulations are limited in how much testosterone can actually be absorbed by a man's body and may only be enough to get testosterone levels up into the mid range of normal - which for many men isn't enough to increase energy, libido and mood. Some men require a free testosterone or bio-available testosterone level in the upper normal range in order to feel better.

With Testosterone Injections versus creams, patches or gels, a man can raise his testosterone levels up into the high normal range in order to alleviate the symptoms of Low T. Testosterone injection dosages can also be titrated much easier in comparison to the other testosterone formulations.

Best Instructions for Drawing and Injecting Testosterone 

Injectable Testosterone for Intramuscular Use

Testosterone Brand Name

Generic Name


Half Life



Testosterone Enanthate

200mg/ml in 5ml
Multi-Dose Vials

Approximately 7 Days

50mg Twice per Week by
Intramuscular Injection


Testosterone Cypionate

100mg/ml or 200mg/ml in 10ml
Multi-Dose Vials

Approximately 7 Days

50mg Twice per Week by
Intramuscular Injection


Testosterone Enanthate Injection at AntiAgingGroup.comTestosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Creams and Gels

Many doctors prescribe testosterone gel and testosterone creams like Androgel, Testim and pharmacy compounded formulations. With Androgel and Testim a man has to be careful not to transfer testosterone to women and children with whom they come into close contact. Although many men get good therapeutic results and a boost in their testosterone levels, some men need to increase their testosterone levels well into the normal range and may need to receive testosterone injections in order to achieve higher levels of testosterone. Testosterone creams and testosterone gels can have problems with optimal absorption.

Learn more about testosterone injection - Testosterone Injections

Testosterone Pills

Testosterone pills (Andriol) are another testosterone formulation to treat low testosterone levels in men but they have poor absorption rates, are synthesized by the liver and need to be taken with dietary fats. Natural testosterone supplements can be helpful in boosting testosterone levels and can be complementary to other effective forms of testosterone replacement therapy.

Learn more about boosting low testosterone levels and testosterone replacement therapy.

Testosterone Patch and Pellets

Testosterone pellets and the testosterone patches like Androderm® and Testoderm® have low absorption rates and can have side effects like itching and rashes. The patches don't adhere well and testosterone pellets require a surgical procedure at a licensed physician's office.

If you are interested in learning more about Testosterone, Testosterone Injections and Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), contact Anti-Aging Group at www.antiaginggroup.com or 1-800-325-1325

Testosterone Injection Hormone Medications, Testosterone Creams & T Gels, Testosterone Patches & Implantable Testosterone Pellets - Visit Anti-Aging Group HGH Testosterone Clinics

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Testosterone Therapy
Testosterone Replacement Injections
Testosterone Treatment
Low Testosterone Levels
Testosterone Injections

At AAG Health, we offer testosterone therapy programs to treat low testosterone symptoms and to help alleviate health issues that low testosterone causes. Through comprehensive lab work, physical examination and thorough review of a patient's medical history, our physicians can prescribe a low testosterone treatment program that's individualized according to your specific needs when medically indicated. We base our hormone treatments for low testosterone levels on careful medical protocol to successfully treat testosterone deficient men. If you are suffering from hormone-related symptoms due to aging or other low testosterone symptoms, contact Anti-Aging Group for expert hormone therapy advice and information about prescription hormones to help treat hormonal decline and start living a better life.

Anti-Aging Group Male Hormone Physicians prescribe only the highest quality testosterone from the following brand name testosterone producers:

Depo-Testosterone, Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Propionate, Androgel ®, Androderm®, Testim®, Testoderm®, Testopol®, Pfizer Upjon, Sandoz, Paddock, Watson, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Axiron®, Delatestryl®, and Striant® Testosterone Tablet

To learn more about testosterone, testosterone treatments, testosterone injections for low t, and how low testosterone symptoms also known as hypogonadism can effect men with a variety of male medical conditions, visit Anti-Aging Group and get information on Testosterone Therapy Programs - Testosterone Anti-Aging Group

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