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Testosterone is a major sex hormone produced in the testes of men. The pituitary gland is responsible for controlling the production of testosterone hormone. In the testes, luteinizing hormone binds to receptors on Leydig cells; this stimulates production and secretion of testosterone. Testosterone helps to develop the primary and secondary sexual characteristics in males. Development of male sex organs, deeper voice, greater muscle mass, bone density and facial hair all result from the sufficient production of this hormone. Testosterone deficiency also known as hypogonadism or LOW T as happens with age needs effective testosterone treatment.

Testosterone Function:

Along with the development of sexual features, testosterone hormone also controls the following actions in a body:

* Libido (sex drive): in both men and women

* Muscle & bone: contributes to muscle mass and bone mineralization

* Metabolic rate: contributes to a decrease in body fat and promotes quick healing from an injury

* Sperm production: better quality sperm (fertility) with Testosterone Treatment

Testosterone Deficiency:

With age, testosterone production declines, thus disturbing sexual health and overall body functioning. Low levels of testosterone hormone lead to a condition termed as hypogonadism (andropause) that can be treated with testosterone replacement therapy. Hypogonadism can be divided into two categories depending on the occurrence of pathology.

Primary Hypogonadism: Occurs at testicular level with high release of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), and low release of testosterone.

Secondary Hypogonadism: Occurs at pituitary hypothalamic level with low or in some cases normal release of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) along with low levels of testosterone hormone.

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) effectively works to improve upon the medical conditions and symptoms of primary and secondary hypogonadism.

Factors Causing Low Testosterone Levels

Along with aging, there are some other factors that contribute toward low testosterone production and make a man go for testosterone treatment.


* Testicular injury

* Kidney failure

* Kallman’s syndrome

* Inflammation of lungs

* Poor functioning of liver

* Stress and drug addiction

* Over consumption of iron

* Malfunctioning of pituitary gland

* Excessive consumption of alcohol

* Genetic disorders (Klinefelter’s Syndrome)

* Cancer treatment (chemotherapy and radiation)

Signs Of Testosterone Deficiency:

Deficient testosterone hormone levels can lead to many undesirable symptoms, like poor libido, lack of energy and vitality, erectile dysfunction, declining muscle mass, bone loss or osteoporosis, loss of body hair, depression, lower blood hemoglobin, memory loss, poor concentration, mood swings and irritability, mild anemia, increase in bad cholesterol and a decrease in cognitive function and mental acuity that effects all of your activities. Testosterone therapy can be prescribed in order to increase low testosterone levels and is one of the best ways to treat a testosterone deficiency. Testosterone therapy could entail testosterone injections, testosterone creams or gels, inpmlantable hormone pellets or patches that release testosterone evenly over time. Testosterone injections tend to be more effective because they are introduced directly into a man’s system versus creams, gel or patches that have a slower absorption rate.

The ADAM (Androgen Deficiency in the Aging Male or LOW T Test) questionnaire asks for the following symptoms:

    • Decrease in sex drive.
    • Lack of energy.
    • Decrease in strength and/or endurance.
    • Lost height.
    • Decreased “enjoyment of life.”
    • Sad and/or grumpy.
    • Erections less strong.
    • Deterioration in sports ability.
    • Falling asleep after dinner.
    • Decreased work performance.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Before start of the testosterone treatment, there should be the right detection and diagnosis of a testosterone hormone deficiency. When you consult with your expert hormone doctor for testosterone therapy to treat low testosterone symptoms, you will first have a morning blood test (as testosterone levels are at their peak during that time) and if deficient, be prescribed a testosterone replacement treatment regimen tailored to your needs.

Best Available Options For Testosterone Replacement Therapy

At Anti-Aging Group, we provide low t patients with best available options to treat their hormone deficiency.

* Testosterone Injections (cypionate injected every 2 or 3 weeks)

* Testosterone patches (applied on a daily basis)

* Testosterone gels ( applied on a daily basis)

* Testosterone creams (applied on a daily basis)

* Testosterone pellent implant (4 to 6 month basis)

* Bucal/Muco-adhesive material ( as prescribed by doctor)

Remember: choosing the best option for testosterone therapy requires a blood test and medical consultation with an experienced physician. Anti-Aging Group has qualified testosterone replacement physicians and doctors who provide expert guidance to the patients.

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Low Testosterone Treatment ( for low testosterone symptoms in men )

At HealthGains, we offer testosterone therapy programs to treat low testosterone symptoms  (Low T) and to help alleviate health issues that low testosterone causes. Through comprehensive lab work, physical examination and thorough review of a patient’s medical history, our physicians can prescribe a low testosterone treatment program that’s individualized according to your specific needs when medically indicated. We base our treatments for low testosterone levels on careful medical protocol to successfully treat testosterone deficient men. If you are suffering from hormone-related symptoms due to aging or other low testosterone symptoms, contact Anti-Aging Group for expert hormone therapy advice and information about prescription hormones to help treat hormonal decline and start living a better life.

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